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Author of Why Are We Yelling? — a book about the art of productive disagreement. I run Previously product at Patreon, Slack, Twitter, and Amazon.

I’ll come back to this but for now just a quick definition of a word that doesn’t exist that I’ll be using a lot:

Reconstellate: v. the potentially foolish act of dismantling various constellations (not only of stars but also of identity and worldview) in order to create space for…

Also known as: Ursa Major, The Great Bear, The Larger Bear. Part of it (the tail and back of the bear) are also popularly known as The Big Dipper, The Ladle, The Wain (Wagon), The Plow. …

Setting context for this post is going to be tough. It’s gonna get weird but I try to tie it all together into a useful proposal by the end. Bear with me!

I tossed this idea out the other day:

This is an idea that’s been developing in the…


A tiny snake woke up in a chaotic and dark forest. It asked, “What am I?”

A spider, hovering over it with hungry eyes, said, “You’re a part of the forest. Go back to sleep.”

The snake fell back asleep.

It’s difficult to wake up.


A tiny snake woke up…

Buster: For my new year’s resolution, I’m starting a low-quality, short-lived blog with musings on a question that might not have an answer:

Kevin: This reminds me of this post on “gardening games”:

Exploration game: player fights / loots their way through the game, and when they leave the environment…

Dear Nobody,

Our fixation on the Hero’s Journey is causing problems. I propose that we look for alternatives.

The alternative I’m looking for isn’t the Fool’s Journey, because in most Hero’s Journey stories the hero starts as a fool.

And I’m not looking for the Anti-Hero’s Journey either because that’s…

Disclaimer: My plan is to share unpolished notes on progress at least weekly while building 750 Words V2. It’s going to be filled with details that you may find incomprehensible, boring, or completely misguided. Lots of details that should be included will be missing, while at the same time many…

A 1-month streak on 750 Words. was originally launched on December 15th, 2009. The blog post I wrote a few days after launching it accidentally got deleted many years ago, but I found it on the WaY bAcK mAcHiNe. I launched it 4 days after thinking of the idea:

I thought of building this little…

Illustration: Siggi Odds

Think back to a recent argument. Now put aside the argument itself and think about the environment that the argument happened within. Was there anything about the environment that encouraged or discouraged different fruit of disagreement to emerge?

What was the power dynamic?

What were the expectations for what had…

I had a weird thought.

Thinking Fast and Well

Thinking happens at the level of neurons, synapses, and neurotransmitters at approximately 10 quadrillion (10 million billion) bits per second within each of our heads. That’s pretty cool. …

Buster Benson

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