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  • Jordan L. Shlain MD

    Jordan L. Shlain MD

    Purveyor of subtleties in the science of medicine. Inspired by phenomena. Ideas are fuel.

  • Sara Ness

    Sara Ness

    I am an instigator of authenticity, ninja of connection, and awkward turtle of social situations. www.authrev.org

  • The Argument

    The Argument

    a writer, a musician, a marriage, The Argument

  • Sina K

    Sina K

    Co-Founder at OpenSignalMaps and BetaFoundry.

  • Longreads


    The best long-form stories on the web. Great with @Pocket, Flipboard, Instapaper. Use the #longreads tag to share your favorite stories. Est. 2009.

  • Hans Gerwitz

    Hans Gerwitz


  • Tara Haelle

    Tara Haelle

    Tara Haelle is a science journalist, public speaker, and author of Vaccination Investigation and The Informed Parent. Follow her at @tarahaelle.

  • Ev Williams

    Ev Williams

    CEO of Medium, partner at Obvious Ventures, co-founder of Twitter, aspiring motivational speaker 🤸‍♂️

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