A Big Linky Map of Medium

An attempt at sketching out a bird’s eye view of the wide variety of different kinds of stories people are writing on Medium

Buster Benson
4 min readDec 7, 2022
Created by Midjourney

The idea of building a big linky map of Medium is to help people explore the breadth and depth of stories on Medium. There’s a lot! And a lot of it is really good!

To view this map in a slightly different format, click here. The taxonomy for the map stored in a YAML file here. Feel free to suggest edits in Github or by leaving comments on this post. This is just a first pass that I put together in between doing a dozen other things, and could certainly be extended and improved. That’s why I put the taxonomy on Github, so that people who feel like something is missing, or incomplete, or wrong, can suggest changes.

Click around! Each of the links will show you the most read stories in that topic from the last year, top writers in that topic area, and related topics.


LIFE Family, Health, Home, Life Lessons, Personal Development,
Personal Essay, Pets, Relationships

MEDIA Art, Gaming, Humor, Movies, Music, News, Photography,
Podcasts, Television, Writing

SOCIETY Beauty, Culture, Disability, Drugs, Economics, Education,
Equality, Fashion, Finance, Language, Law, Leadership,
Logistics, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Race, Religion,
Sexuality, Social Media, Sports

TECH Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Data Science, Gadgets,
Makers, Programming, Programming Languages, Security,
Tech Companies

WORK Business, Design, Dev Ops, Freelancing, Marketing, Product
Management, Remote Work

WORLD Cities, Nature, Travel, Pandemic, Science


Children Motherhood Parenting Pregnancy Seniors

Aging Fitness Food Healthcare Lifestyle Weight Loss

Architecture Home Decor Home Improvement house Interior Design Real Estate Rental Property Vacation Rental

Life Lessons
Death Death And Dying Failure Grief Loss Trauma

Personal Development
Counseling Mental Health Mindfulness Morning Routines Pomodoro Technique Productivity Self Self-Improvement Self-Awareness Therapy

Personal Essay
Diary Journaling Memoir This Happened To Me

Cats Dogs Dog Training Pet Care

Dating Dating Advice Divorce Friendship Love Online Dating

I’d also be interested in hearing about what these topic pages should display. Top publications? Stories sorted by some other metric? Share your thoughts!



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