A Big Linky Map of Medium

An attempt at sketching out a bird’s eye view of the wide variety of different kinds of stories people are writing on Medium

Created by Midjourney

LIFE Family, Health, Home, Life Lessons, Personal Development,
Personal Essay, Pets, Relationships

MEDIA Art, Gaming, Humor, Movies, Music, News, Photography,
Podcasts, Television, Writing

SOCIETY Beauty, Culture, Disability, Drugs, Economics, Education,
Equality, Fashion, Finance, Language, Law, Leadership,
Logistics, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Race, Religion,
Sexuality, Social Media, Sports

TECH Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Data Science, Gadgets,
Makers, Programming, Programming Languages, Security,
Tech Companies

WORK Business, Design, Dev Ops, Freelancing, Marketing, Product
Management, Remote Work

WORLD Cities, Nature, Travel, Pandemic, Science




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Buster Benson

Principal Product Mgr: @Medium. Author: “Why Are We Yelling? The Art of Productive Disagreement”. Notetaker: busterbenson.com. Builder: new.750words.com.