41 — Seek endarkenment

Yearly review of my life

100 photos from my 40th year… fairly obvious what the focus was (see all)
Life by Weeks

Last year’s motto: mind the loops

  • In product development: What’s the right way to empower a messaging, communication, and workflow ecosystem to build businesses on other businesses? A system like this needs aligned incentives amongst a lot of different individuals, consistency, and trust.
  • In management: How can I mentor and manage people at different parts of their careers? A career is a learning, testing, and iterating system with many different phases, breaks, setbacks, opportunities.
  • In relationships: What’s the best way to be a good father to a newborn, and a 6 year old, and how can I be a good husband and partner? A relationship is a system with loops on many different time scales.
  • In creativity: What’s the best way to frame a creative project, like a book? Any form of exploration, discovery, and articulation is a system that requires a balance of seeking questions and answers, drafts and edits, proposals and agreements.
  • In the water cycle, water can get stuck in the ocean, or underground, for millennia before resurfacing and dancing through clouds, streams, animals, and plants.
  • In the life cycle, the part where we die and our bodies turn back into dirt, and that dirt spends hundreds or thousands of years working through the occasional worm digestive track, and each individual mineral or atom ends up in one of a billion different plants, animals, and geographic elements before dispersing again… that sort of makes the cycle difficult to follow and truly picture.

This year’s motto: seek endarkenment

In the dark

  • What kind of human will Louie grow into this year?
  • Is my book going to be any good? Am I going to make progress?
  • How will work culture and momentum continue to evolve?
  • What will happen to this country?
  • How can I enable improvement and better outcomes in the above things?
  • How do I make sure I stay healthy and happy and connected to the important people in my life along the way?
My Book of Beliefs



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Buster Benson

Buster Benson


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